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Chicken Coops In Stock


Sale ends June 30, 2015. Instock chicken coops only.


These buildings are in stock and ready for immediate pickup.

We attempt to update this every week or more. Call or email to confirm in stock items and pricing.

Quaker Style Chicken Coop
Stock # K-5....$129 OFF
Sale Price.$1,161
4' x 6' B&B Quaker Style Chicken Coop

Clear Stain, Burnished Slate Metal Roof List Price $1,290


Quaker Style Chicken Coo
Stock # K-6....$120 OFF
Sale Price.$1,080
4' x 6' Painted Quaker Style Chicken Coop

Buckskin, Red Trim, Shakewood Shingles, List Price $1,200

4x6 quaker shed


Dutch Style Chicken Coop
Stock # K-18....$100 OFF
Sale Price.$900
4' x 4' Dutch Style Chicken Coop

Tan , Green Trim, Green Shingles, List Price $1,000


Chicken coop
Stock # K-23....$119 OFF
Sale Price.$1,071
4' x 6' T&G Dutch Style Chicken Coop

Natural Stain, Chestnut Trim, Barkwood Shingles

Painted Trim $90 List Price $1,190



Dutch Style chicken coop
Stock # K-25....$119 OFF
Sale Price.$1,071
4' x 6' Dutch Style Chicken Coop

Natural Stain, Chestnut Trim, Barkwood Shingles

Chicken coo

Dutch style chicken coop
Stock # K-27..sold...$1,600
6' x 6' B&B Dutch Style Chicken Coop

Rustic Cedar, Green Shingles, , List Price $1,600

Dutch Style Chicken Coop
Stock # K-28....$140 OFF
Sale Price.$1,260
4' x 8' Dutch Style Chicken Coop

Clay, Green Trim, Weatherwood Shingles, List Price $1,400

dutch style chicken coop
Stock # K-29....$160 OFF
Sale Price.$1,440
6' x 6' T&G Dutch Style Chicken Coop

Brown Cedar, Barkwood Shingles, , List Price $1,600

dutch styel chicken coop

A frame Chicken Coop
Stock # K-30....$150 OFF
Sale Price.$550
3' x 3' A Frame Style Painted Chicken Coop

Clay, Avocado Trim, Weatherwood Shingles, List Price $700

A frame Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop
Stock # K-33....$150 OFF
Sale Price.$850
4' x 4' A Frame Style Chicken Coop

Tan, Chestnut Trim, Walnut Brown Shingles, List Price $1000

6x10 chicken Coop
Stock # K-35.....$229 OFF
Sale Price.$2,061
6' x 10' A Frame Style Chicken Coop With Feed Room

Brown Cedar, Avocado Trim, Cedar Shingles, Painted Trim $90, List Price $2,290

Chicken coop

Open door view

Open door view

View of feed room and nesting boxes, Access to nesting boxes from feed room.

inside feed room

Chicken Coop
Stock # K-40......$240 OFF
Sale Price.$2,160
8' x 10' A Frame Style Chicken Coop With Feed Room

Buckskin, Navajo Trim, Cedar Shingles, List Price $2,400

Chicken Coop

Inside view. Eggs can be gathered from feed room.

Inside view of coop

View of chicken area

chicken coop

A frame chicken coop
Stock # K-36....$110 OFF
Sale Price.$990
4' x 6' A Frame Style T&G Chicken Coop

Natural Stain, Green Metal Roof $90, List price $1,190

Chicken coop a frame with metal roof

Chicken Coop
Stock # K-56...$150 OFF
Sale Price.....$950
4' x 5' B&B Lean To Style Chicken Coop

List Price $1,100

Chicken Coop

Combination chicken Coop
Stock # K-77.......$136 OFF
Sale Price.....$1,224
5' x 7' Combination T&G Chicken Coop

Beige, Chestnut, Barkwood, Glass board floor $60, List Price $1,360

Combination Chicken Coop

Shawnee Built Chicken Coop
Stock # Q-70 Chicken..$3,800
10' x 16' Shawnee Chicken Coop

Note this is a Shawnee Shed with a chicken coop add on , Base Price $3,200, Chicken Coop Kit with wall $600 includes dividing wall with door, nesting box, extra window,

Mocha, Brown Trim, Hickory Shingles

Inside view

Includes feed room and nesting box, eggs can be gathered from inside feed room.

chicken coop inside

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