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See Keyser STock (available for delivery in WV and Allegheny County, MD

Please call or email to check availability and verify pricing of our stock buildings. We normally update the stock every week or so.

Most of the buildings on this page are based on Spring 2020 pricing. Due to rising lumber prices, most of list price increased around August 2020

Horse Barns In-Stock

Dog Kennels In-Stock

Board and Batten HOrse barn
Stock # B-85.. $1,723 OFF

Sale Price $6,891
10' x 24' Board and Batten Horse Barn

2 Gable Vents, Haley Carmel STain $1,314

List Price with stain $8,614

Dog Kennel with unfiished box
Stock # DK-5....$2,700
6x10 Traditional Dog Kennel (unfinished Box)

Clay, Chestnut Trim, Weatherwood Shingles

4x6 Unfinished Box

6x6 Run

Door side of dog Kennel

Regular Price with finished box $3,700

Unfinished box

Dog Kennel
Stock # DK-12....$4,100
8x10 Traditional Dog Kennel

Dark Gray, Red Trim, Nickel Gray Shingles

4x8 Insulated Box

6x8 Run

LIst Price $4100

Inside of dog kennel

Interior finishing

Dog Kennel
Stock # DK-14....$4,100
8x10 Traditional Dog Kennel

Red, White Trim, Nickel Gray Shingles

4x8 Insulated Box

6x8 Run

LIst Price $4100

door of kennel

Interior finishing

Interior of dog kennel

Medium Castle
Stock P-6...$430 OFF

Sale Price $3,870

Medium Castle 8' x 9'

Rock Wall $200

List Price with rock wall . $4,300

Stock #Z-75.....$440 OFF

Sale Price $3,960
12' x 12' Wood Octogan Gazebo

Weathered Rock Shingles

List price $4,400

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